Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look At Me Now!

Yep, I can stand up by myself now.
My mom and dad are pretty proud.
Planning my next move. . .
Hey mom, could you bring me some of my toys?
Ooooh, my sing-along stage. . .that'll do.

Thanks mom!

Hmmm. . .what else can I do?

Hey mom? How about my alphabet roller?

Besides jumping, one of Olivia's favorite things to do is stand. She loves to hold on to my fingers and stand. I was very excited to see that she could stand up by the couch. As much as I'd like to say that she can pull to a standing position. . .she can't. I had to place her there, but she did a fantastic job supporting herself. She is not too interested in learning to crawl, but walking would be right up her alley. From a mommy standpoint, that's great. . .nothing like crawling around on your hands and then putting them in your mouth. From a teacher standpoint, I really want to encourage crawling. Crawling is a cross lateral movement which strengthens both the left and right side of the brain. So, if you're wondering. . .that's why crawling is always pushed so much in early childhood development. I'm so proud of all Olivia's accomplishments!


Kerry said...

I knew this was coming soon!!! She seemed very close when I saw her last. How awesome is this?! Very cool (and adorable).

Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

Way to go Olivia! We can't wait to see your new tricks. You are sooooo cute! Love you!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Hooray Olivia! She may still crawl. We thought Ryan was going to skip crawling. He hated it, but loved walking around holding our fingers. For whatever reason, one day he just started crawling...but he started walking just a week or 2 later.

I'm excited to see what Olivia decides to do next!

Becky said...

Go, Olivia!

Julia said...

Well, for what it is worth Julia never did crawl and I think she turned out just fine. She loved to walk holding onto fingers and then cruising and then walking. Even going up stairs she would not crawl. My theory was always that we didn't crawl so she figured she didn't need to. One of her third grade teachers described her as a "little adult" and I think she always has been.

Jodi said...

Maybe it's a firstborn thing. They are around adults more than other children and they don't see us crawling around. Olivia really isn't around other children much.

Cristi said...

Wondering how old she was when she first sat unsupported? Our preemie is 9 months and still not doing that.

Jodi said...

She first sat unsupported after her eye surgery. . .so about 12 months, 1 week or 8 months adjusted.