Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008 - Update

Look mama. . .I'm a scary spider!
Heehee. . . I'm so funny.

Doesn't she just put a smile on your face? Some days she really cracks me up. And. . .bless her heart. . .she has occasionally been sleeping in until 9 am!! It's as if she knows that I need more sleep. I tell ya, she's the best daughter in the world. I really needed that this morning as I woke up with a horrible headache. . .the likes of which I haven't seen in quite awhile. I'm not supposed to take Excedrin anymore (due to the caffeine and aspirin) so, I popped 3 Tylenol at 6 am. Nothing. Cold compress. Nothing. I took a warm shower around 7:30 am. Nothing. Fell back asleep until 9 am hoping that I'd wake without a headache. Nothing. At 10 am, I turned to my forbidden Excedrin. It didn't work wonders like it usually does, but it took the edge off. At least I'm functioning now.

My cleaning lady was supposed to start this morning, but had to cancel. That's probably for the best because I didn't feel like getting out of my pajamas. The sad thing is that I spent all day yesterday getting rid of clutter and my house actually looks better than it has in awhile. I don't think I need a cleaning lady. . .I just need the "threat" of a cleaning lady to whip myself into shape.

Thanks for the advice on the feeding issue. I think Suzanne is right. . .Olivia is showing her independence and doesn't want her bottle anymore. It's like I can almost hear her saying, "But, I'm not a baby anymore!" I can hardly get her to sit still long enough to drink it. She'll use her sippy cup, but only if it's filled with water. She'll drink water all day long, but doesn't want anything else in it. That doesn't help get her calories. I'm a water drinker too, so I think she takes after me. I'm going to try to move her on to more table foods, etc. and not worry as much about her bottle. We'll see how that goes. She is happy and healthy (not to mention the best daughter in the world) and that's what I'll try to focus on.


Anonymous said...

is Olivia still getting formula in her sippy cup? If I puked as much as a preemie, I wouldn't drink that stuff either. Try 8oz of whole milk mixed with a package of Carnation Instant Breakfast will make the milk 30calories per ounce (like Pediasure) but tastes better :)The Carnation people say that the 8oz mixture is good in your refrigerator for up to 12 hours so she doesn't have to drink it all at one time.

Cristi said...

Hey I find that tylenol doesnt do the trick for me usually. I have turned to Ibuprofin. So if your doctor will allow that - Try it - It works much better than tylenol.

Erika said...

She is so beautiful! I love her sense of humor! What an amazing little girl she is!!!

Amanda said...

That shirt is adorable!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

She sure is cute. I can see how she would bring a smile to your face everyday.

We've also been advised by Ryan's therapist on the Carnation Instant Breakfast Powder. You might give it a try.