Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008 - Update

I had to start the day off with an eye doctor appointment.
I only cried a little. . .really.

Mom said that I was a pretty good girl.

Can you see one of my top teeth in this picture?

We received pretty good news at the eye doctor this morning. She still has some intermittent eye crossing, but not enough to be concerned about at this time. Of course, I wish the surgery would have completely corrected it, but I'm thankful for what it did do. The doc says no eye glasses at this time. He'll continue following her every few months for a couple years to watch how she progresses.

As a Christmas present, I was offered to have someone clean my house. It took me awhile to agree because as a stay-at-home mom, isn't that one of my duties? Because I've been lacking in energy, I want to concentrate all that I have on Olivia and not on that pesky cobweb in the corner. It's hard, though, when you have to stay in your house all winter and it's not squeaky clean. . .drives me insane. So, this is only going to be for a couple of months until I start feeling better and able to take on more myself. The lady came highly recommended and I met with her this morning. As we were walking around the house to determine what I want to have her do, I was going to play a little joke on her. With a straight face, I was going to walk downstairs into the guinea pig room and tell her how to clean the pens. . .and that their nails need to be trimmed every 6 weeks. . .along with Persephone's hair. I couldn't do that to someone. . .even as a joke. Turns out. . . she is a huge animal lover, so I don't think it would have been quite as horrifying anyway.


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

That is one Christmas present that you will LOVE! I adore my cleaning lady! Good luck giving her up though!

Kerry said...

Yay cleaning lady! Yay eye doctor! Yay Olivia!

angie c said...

Supercute pics of olivia today. you always capture the greatest expressions on her face! Love the tights, and seriously seriously envy the cleaning lady. Manohman.

Kim said...

Olivia, should we start calling you snaggle tooth? Your pictures are adorable. You are looking quite grown up today. Don't grow up too much before I get to see you again. I'm glad to hear that your appointment went well, and that your mama will get some much deserved help. She has a full time job just figuring out what to eat. Love ya! Aunt Kimmy

Erin said...

Those are great pics. I just love the outfit, and those super-cute tights!

Anonymous said...

it is great to have someone clean your house for you, you'll love it.

Olivia looks so cute and so big!

Great news about the eye appointment:)

Have a great day

God is awesome:)