Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - Update

This is my new winter coat.
My mom was way more excited about it than I was.

Since the weather was half-way decent today, we went for a short walk down to the mailbox. I thought, however, that we should wear our coats. Olivia had other ideas, but isn't she adorable? The sleeves are still a big long, but it'll work.

Tonight I'm planning on a trip to Target. I've already started feeling the isolation of RSV season. The only time I get out is to go to the grocery store or to one of Olivia's appointments. I'm looking forward to a little "me" time to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Oh, how I'm already looking forward to Spring!


Kerry said...

Her coat is adorable. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately and haven't been emailing a lot. They are cracking down at work with internet and I'm too paranoid to check on all my blogs!! I will email soon!

Stacie said...

Ahh - she's adorable!!
I can see why mommy was excited about the coat! :o)

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Target. I could walk up and down their aisles for hours.

Amanda said...

Too cute! One of my best friends, just found out today she was having another boy... its her 3rd. Ages.....2,1, and pregnant!! but anyways... I was bankin on her having a girl...I need a girl to spoil! Olivia is the only girl picture on my fridge :) too cute!