Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008 - Update

Daddy, I love playing games with you!
We play cops and robbers: I surrender!

We pretend we're spies: The eagle has left the nest. . .repeat. . .the eagle has left the nest.

But, it's not all fun and games. Here I am learning how to crawl. Whatever we do, I love spending time with my daddy.

Lately, I've been at a loss as to what to talk about. I'm still tired, but you already know that. I miss bread. I love my husband. Olivia is a fabulous little girl. . .I guess that can't be said too many times. She is more of a miracle every day. After some research, we think she is having some problems with over-stimulation. It occurs at night when visitors come over to the house. She can go to the grocery store with all sorts of noises and unfamiliar faces and she's fine as long as we're holding her. But, when anybody comes through the front door of HER house after 6 pm. . . .she goes ballistic. Sometimes it seems that she's going to hyperventilate. Then, just when she's calmed down, a familiar noise like the ice maker will set her off again. She wary of any male who is not daddy. I wish I knew how to help her more. We try to take her to a quiet room and give her a chance to calm down. It just breaks my heart. Is this common with children. . .especially micro-preemies? Any change in routine at night is very difficult for her. Hmmm. . .I wonder if Ryan and I will ever be able to go somewhere at night by ourselves?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is common for kids to get over stimulated by night time, and all kids go though it. It is probably somewhat elevated because due to health risks for Olivia, you Jodi are the only one really around her for a long time. When daddy comes home at the end of the day she wants to play and "the routine" is broken, even if he plays gently with her it is the "difference" that is stimuli. The reason she does fine at the store and other places is because she really is still only with you. Just remember that when dealing with babies, "this too shall pass" is your motto! Best of luck.

Kerry said...

Ahem. Did I just hear a plea for Kerry, the best babysitter in the whole world to come over soon? I think I did.

Anonymous said...

It is also very typical at her age for her to be having stranger anxiety and separation anxiety (separation from you & Ryan). Kerrick has his good & bad moments w/both of those now. He even can be very upset if a grandparent wants to hold him!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Ella goes through an over stimulated time at night sometimes. I think it's normal. Just keep a routine for her and take it slow.

I think I have a new fav picture of her though-I love that close up with her hand on her head like she is thinking! too cute!

Anonymous said...

it's pretty common at her age. I bet it's more stranger anxiety than anything, and the fact that it's towards the end of the day and her body is starting to wind down and get tired. I work in a day care, and had a little girl who if someone other than me was in the room, even if they were 10 feet away separated by a short wall, if I put her down she'd freak out. I think it's something all babies go through and she'll grow out of it. And it's probably worse at the house because that is HER space and the other people are coming into it. The store is an uncontrolled environment and she doesn't know what it should be like so the "chaos" is ok. But at home, she knows how it should be and if it's not, she gets anxious. She'll grow out of it, mama!! She's a great little girl.

Amanda said...

yeah, Jacob had "over stimulation" too.. Nathan hasn't, he's like.."whatever" but Jake would sometimes have a meltdown... his 1 year old bday, and 1st Christmas was terrible! So the next year we only invited a few people..but now he's good. so! I'd say its just another phase!! ps.. I love how you put so close together... "I miss bread. I love my husband." Dont know why that made me laugh...but it did....:)

HansonTriplets said...

All my kiddos are going through the same thing. They cry when I leave the house on the weekends. On the weekends I need to "get away" but my kids cry everytime I walk out the door. My husband says, "JUST LEAVE" I guess it takes a few minutes but they finally calm down. When you are the only one around them all the time and they are on such a strict schedule, when they have to deal with big change it takes them on a tailspin.Hang in there! We are still thinking about you guys.