Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009 - Update

But, I don't want to sit. . .I want to walk!

Since Olivia is now running while holding on to our fingers, we have a sneaky suspicion that she can do more than she's letting on. She is also traveling longer distances while going backwards on her pony. And. . .I don't think the pony is supposed to go 30 mph! I think holding on to our fingers has become a crutch for her, so we're trying to only give her one hand to hold on to. I do that for short bursts throughout the day. Ryan decided to ONLY let her hold on to one hand while walking all night long. She was not happy. Boy, does she have a temper! I don't know where she gets it because Ryan and I are both very even-tempered. I think she was just mad because she was unable to run like she normally does. Eventually, she held on to his one hand with both of hers (good problem solving.) Now we're seeing the stubborn, feisty side to her that we knew in the NICU. Sometimes you can't help but laugh.

Also, I don't know what happened to our special reading time. She loved to read books and it was a nice change of pace from walking around the house all day. The last few days, I have only been able to get a few pages into a book before Olivia slams it shut and tosses it. Then, she looks for another book only to slam it shut and toss it as well. Sometimes if she is doing something else, I will just pick up a book and read it out loud. She will make a point to come over, slam the book shut and toss it away. And, we have all these new, exciting books to read! Olivia is just consumed with her desire to walk. I think that's all she thinks about and all she wants to do. I don't want to paint a grouchy picture of my little girl. She is still my happy, smiley Olivia Paige. She's just developing her own opinions. . .like how it is hilarious to crawl away in the middle of a diaper change and proceed to pee on the carpet. A part of me always wished for days like these.


Amanda said...

Can we say Nathan!? Thats what he does with the books too! He used to sit and read, and cuddle... now its like.."once upon a..." [SLAM]
LOL.. must be their the video was so cute! I turned up the sound, and said..."Rodney, listen, heres what Jodi's voice sounds like..." LOL.. hope all is going well! Its finally above 10 degress here were able to get out.... talk to you soon :)

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Welcome to the very beginnings of toddler-hood. You just described things around our house too! It sure does make for some very fun (and challenging) days! Have fun with your sweet little Olivia.

Becky said...

You go, Olivia! Some day, that stubbornness may come in handy! :-)

Anonymous said...

this post brought such a smile! I remember secretly wishing for days like that too when Charlie was in the NICU! We have waited a long time to have typical "toddler" days :-)