Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - Update

Olivia and her favorite book

Some days, Olivia and I just get really bored. I try to think of things that we can do that don't cost money, like. . .going for walks, swinging, going to the zoo (we have a membership), reading books, watching Baby Signing Time, but some days I run out of ideas. Then, we end up going to Target and I really need to avoid that place. :) So, what are some ideas that you have? What fun activities do you do with your kids that are Olivia's age. Of course, she doesn't yet pretend play and doesn't like to sit still, so that makes it hard. I could, however, use a different perspective.

Last night I weighed Olivia and sadly. . .we're back down to 18.5 lbs. I was really rooting for the 4 people who predicted that she would weigh 20 lbs by June 1st. No matter what I do, it seems I can't get Olivia to gain weight. Her doctor isn't going to be pleased.


Anonymous said...

Can Olivia hold a big round piece of chalk? The bucket of chalk is cheap at Target, and writing on the driveway, drawing with the colors is fun.

holly said...

hi. i don't know if olivia likes to swim or not from the post i saw the other day with her and her little pool, but if you have a membership to the YMCA, they keep the indoor pool really warm. One thing i will remind you of though is that is is very Chlorine filled and sometimes takes your breath away, so i don't know if that would be good for her or not, but just an idea. I have an 11 month old that loves the water. she's awful cute! i love reading your posts

Anonymous said...

Our area has some free water parks, the are run by the city and are mainly a park with benches and picnic tables and water hoses, sprinklers, all with chlorine of course, the Library is another fun place sometimes there are story times and free events there, also the movie theater has a special for kids too during the summer. Hope you all have a fun summer! Looking forward to the pictures!

Kim said...

You can always come to aunt Kimmy's house! It's like Toys R Us around here.

We need to go to Botanica again. There is also the nature center/walking trails out east. The park here in town isn't usually crowded.

Stacie said...

Target is a dangerous place for me too. :D I'm not sure what it is about that place, but I spend way too much time there and way too much money!

Maybe as the weather keeps warming up you can spend more time in her little pool (which by the way is adorable.) As much as she likes reading do you think she would sit quietly and listen to someone read a book to a group of kids at the library during storytime? How about a playdate with Miss Madison? I know she would love to meet Olivia. :D

Candice said...

I am in the same boat as you as far as free entertainment, though Rhys isn't quite as picky (it is more for ME!).

Have you seen a nutritionist for Olivia's weight? We have the ECI nutritionist following Rhys. So far he's doing (what she says is) well, but she knows we are concerned about it. She told us there are "tricks" they can use when he gets older such as adding butter or healthy oils to his food, mixing ice cream with milk for the extra calories, no lean meats unless they are breaded and fried, etc. Obviously he isn't there yet and she just mentioned those things in passing, but maybe consulting with a nutritionist would help you come up with ideas.

Anonymous said...

Art is always a good entertainer... it's fun for her, fun for you to watch and awesome in the scrapbooks. She can start using crayons, markers if you're RIGHT there lol and paint is always a kid pleaser... crayola makes paint that washes out of ANYTHING..even the red and green. my white carpet is a testament to that. I've been an infant/toddler teacher at a preschool/day care center, so if you ever want any ideas let me know. You can reach me through my blog!

Anonymous said...

swimming is always a hit!
or just a paddling pool and sandpit in the garden - but I know you have already done that one. Something for yourself always makes you feel better - starbucks cappucino and let her eat all the milk foam - works for me everytime!!

Drew's Mom said...

Some things I do with my kids to get out of the house:

1. Go to a local pet store. Free, they can pet animals, learn sounds, etc.

2. Go to a nearby airport and watch planes come and go. They love watching them take off.

3. A local outdoor mall has a little water fountaine that kids can play/splash it. Even if Olivia doesn't get in, she'll enjoy watching the other kids.

4. Barnes & Noble by us has a huge kids section by us, complete with a train table. You can read stories (they have rocking chairs for adults) and play. Free and fun.

5. Local library story time.

Hope this gives you at least one new idea.

Anonymous said...

also check to see if your mall offers any kids entertainment. Our mall has children's shows every thursday for free.

The library is also good for story times and so are some of the bookstores.