Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009 - Update

My first trip to Olive Garden


Playing ponies with my cousins.

This weekend has been one of firsts. We took Olivia to Olive Garden for lunch. She's been to restaurants, but not since she was a baby in her carseat. This was the first time she sat in the big girl high chair (heavily sanitized beforehand.) She did pretty well until the end when she decided she was ready to leave. We were pretty proud of her considering it was such a new experience.

It seems all week long, I am looking for things to do and then I cram them all in on the weekend. That is when I go to the grocery store and run other errands by myself. I had been contemplating taking Olivia to the grocery store during the week. Of course, I take her to places all of the time, but she stays in her stroller and doesn't sit in a grocery cart. Well, today she sat in a grocery cart for the first time (heavily sanitized beforehand, of course) when Ryan and I took her to the grocery store. She did not do so well at the grocery store. Olivia didn't appreciate all of the stops and really didn't want to sit still for checkout. So, Ryan and I will probably take her together for a few more times before I take her by myself. She just needs to become a bit more accustomed to the experience. . .then, she'll be fine. hdcdgtbg nbh bbbbcvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbyf (Thanks Olivia for those words of wisdom.)

And, last night her cousins, Julia and Rebekah, came over for a bit and Olivia played ponies with them. Julia and Rebekah are such a joy to have over. We ended the evening watching the Disney channel in bed. . .yep, we're a pretty boring aunt and uncle.


Emily's Blog said...

I bet if you take her to the Olive Garden a few more times she'll be over 20lbs in no time at all.
I used to eat there all the time, when I could eat "normal" food. Now, it's baby food and tube feeds, the fastest way to lose weight.

Stacie said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. I'm so happy that you've had some time to enjoy with Ryan and Olivia. Looks like she enjoyed her Olive Garden. (But who doesn't!!) haha

You are such an honest blogger and I know that is why so many people love reading your blog. I'm giving you an award - it's on my blog. :D

Also, I'm going to send you an email too (check for it here in a bit - I've still got to feed/bathe Madison).

Love you

Julia said...

I know Julia and Rebekah loved their time at your house. Thanks again for helping us out. We really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are getting out more and taking Olivia out more! I honestly think that once you begin to resume all normal activities, only then will your body and soul begin to heal...itas part of the grieving process. Starting over, wiser and a bit more cautious than the last leg of the journey.

As for restuarants and shopping carts, I bought Jade a cover and never have to worry about sanitizing anything. It is colorful and has little pockets for toys, etc. It is my way to get her out there without worry.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds by sounding so familiar with you, but our journeys have been so similar in a lot of ways that I feel like I truly understand what you are going through.

The biggest difference between our ways of healing is that I had my kids at school to help me rebound much faster. I even went back to work when Jade was in the NICU because I knew it was the only way I personally could cope, by taking care of others when I couldn't take care of my own. I let God take care of Jade while I helped my kids graduate and grow.

They were always there, backing us, asking for updates, and even listening when I cried (which I had several breakdowns in class, I can tell you)...but without my kids, I would have NEVER pulled through the trauma of almost losing Jade and having lost my baby the year before.

So, keep on trucking...I'm rooting for you and praying for your family all the time!


Amanda said...

Jake and Nate LOVE Olive Garden too! And honestly, its one of the only foods that I crave right now... :) She looked so cute walking into the restaurant...I wanna see a pic of her in a shopping you could get her one of those clunky target carts like when she was a baby, and she'll sit still! :) well..Im off for a week of camping...(sooo not me, wish me luck) I will be sure to check all the posts when I get back! Have a good week!