Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wacky Random Conversations

Me: Olivia really needs a cat. . .she LOVES cats.
Ryan: Olivia LOVES her potty and you don't have to clean up after that.
Me: You don't?
Ryan: Well, you don't have to take it to the vet.

Ryan: I'm trying to figure out the SyFy theme of the day. Is it giant insects? Or maybe it's about earth people.
Me: And by earth people, you mean humans?
Ryan: Uhhhh

So, we decided to get some buffalo wings for dinner. Neither of us like buffalo wings, nor do we ever really eat them. But, they sounded good tonight for some reason.
Me: Aren't they really just chicken thighs?
Ryan: They're chicken wings, honey.

We ordered some from Pizza Hut Wing Street along with some tater tots.
Ryan: Why are all of the tater tots in the shape of M's???
Me: Dumb blank stare
Ryan: Oh, they're W's.


Emily's Blog said...

Did Olivia get my card? How are things going? Are you doing better with your fatigue? Is you food experiment going well?
Hope all is well, and maybe one day you and Olivia will get your kitty.

Stacie said...

Too funny!! Sounds like you guys have some of the same thought provoking conversations that we have around here!! :D

Love that picture of Olivia. Her hair, her face - too much!! :D

Amanda said...

yes, her hair and lips are hilarious... and look how long her hair looks when its sticking straight up! and I love her "mess" behind/all around her... she looks like she's having a good day :)

Shea said...

Wow! That was hilarious! I totally laughed out loud and I'm in history! That was awesome! I love Livi's new look!

Becky said...

That is too funny!!! Love the "w" tater tots. Nice, Ryan. I vote for a kitty, too. I have a ragdoll who is absolutely the most loving, gentle cat ever and he comes when you call him and plays fetch with his toy mouse. I highly recommend the breed if you ever do look into getting a cat.

Anonymous said...

Well, who won the cat conversation? Will our Olivia get her kitty?