Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Olivia and Madison

It's impossible not to believe in angels when you have a best friend. . .someone to go through life's tough times with and someone to make you laugh. I got to spend the afternoon with Stacie and her daughter, Madison. Years ago, we would always meet for lunch at Pizza Hut and talk. . . .and talk and talk. We'd talk about our jobs, our husbands, our infertility struggles and our lives in general. Today, we met for lunch at Pizza Hut, but this time we got to bring our daughters. What a joy they are to our lives and what a blessing our friendship is to me.

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Amanda said...

thats so awesome... I am so happy for BOTH of you... and btw... Pizza Hut sounds sooooooo good! lol.. thanks for bringing up an impossible meal at 11 pm... lol.. breadsticks and sauce... mmmmmmm....:)