Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - Update

Cheese! (She actually said cheese for the first time in this picture!)

I love cheese.

Most children, of course, like cheese slices or cheese sticks. . .no, Olivia loves shredded cheese. She wants a mound of cheese on her highchair and she grabs a handful and stuffs it in her mouth. Of course, half of it goes in her lap and makes cleaning up a major hassle. But, she loves it. She also loves this Kraft spreadable cheese on her crackers. She would literally eat cheese and crackers all day if she could. In fact, her favorite two word phrases are. . ."more cheese" and "more crackers." Well, at least we're not eating macaroni and cheese every day.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness every time you post something like this I have to laugh because she is SO MUCH like my Alayna. She refuses to eat sliced cheese, likes block cheese and string cheese... but LOVES shreaded cheese! I just had to share my laugh at how much they are alike!

Kim said...

Aidan likes to eat parmesan cheese. I blame grandpa for teaching him how to lick his hand, pour it in, and lick it off. Jokes on him he has to buy cheese all the time for Aidan to eat!

Amanda said...

Why does she just crack me up!? If I ever do see her in person..I may just squeeze her to death :)she's too cute :)