Monday, June 21, 2010

My Little Helper

Olivia is always trying to help out, whether it's putting laundry away or drying dishes. Today, I spilled some frozen broccoli all over the kitchen floor. I grabbed a broom and dust pan to pick it all up. Olivia soon came out with a comb and started combing it all up saying, "Oh man, oh man" in her best Swiper voice. When it was all cleaned up, she proceeded to dump a few Goldfish crackers onto the floor and comb them up as well. . .singing her clean up song. Yes, sometime she makes more of a mess or doubles the work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Amanda said...

Thats so sweet :) I used to wear a tshirt when I was little that said "Mommy's Little Helper" on it.. you should try and find her one :)cause obviously she likes to help! haha (dumping them out on purpose).. btw, love the pic of her on the top of you page.. in the middle, with her hands on her cheeks.. :)