Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dermatologist Appt


We had a dermatologist appointment today to address a few concerns that we have with Olivia.  Olivia was terrified and screamed the entire time (and that’s after bringing daddy for backup.)  She has awful “white coat anxiety” and freaks out if a place even resembles a doctor’s office.  This doctor didn’t even touch her.   Anyway, we learned that they are not going to do anything about Olivia’s keloid cyst/scar on her neck even though it is growing in size.  This is the result of scar tissue from her central line that she had in the NICU.  It is not painful nor is it currently bothering her.  At this age, it would be a major surgery because they would have to put her out.  She also has two moles that will need to be removed at some point, but we will just keep observing them for now.  We don’t know how her scarring (from the NICU leads) will affect her as she grows and develops, but hopefully she’s left with minimal injury and scarring.  I hope the “battle scars” that remain are worn proudly as a testament to everything she went through and what a tough girl she is!!   So, we go back in a year and hopefully by then, she is better able to handle doctor visits.  I finally made her go down for a nap because the poor thing has been a mess ever since her appointment.  Please continue to pray for the healing of Olivia’s skin. 

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