Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picture, Picture.

Olivia is maturing right before my eyes.  I can tell that her attention span is increasing (especially when she could probably watch Dora all day if I let her.)  She is following directions better as well.  Every year, Ryan’s brother takes back to school pictures of his girls.  Since he has his photography equipment set up, we have started crashing the party to get some pics of Olivia since it also coincides with her birthday month.  Today, we did just that and Olivia did awesome.  She listened to what she was supposed to do and stood (and even posed) to get her picture taken.  Up until recently, she would not have stood still.  I was a beaming mother!!  And, the pictures are going to be awesome!  Not only is Joel a fantastic photographer, but Olivia is a pretty good subject as well!  And I’m a complete sucker for pigtails. . .put bows in them and. . .wow!  :)  Thanks again, Uncle Joel!





Laura said...

I can't wait until you see them! With the wedding and a couple other jobs as well, Joel has been very busy editing. Olivia did great.

Mary said...

Olivia is such a cutie, how could she not take good pictures? G-ma