Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010 - Update

I hope all of the kiddos and the teachers had a wonderful first day of school.  Most of the schools in our area started back to school today.  As a child, I never had a “good first day of school.”  I was a very anxious child.  Nowadays, children as anxious as me are usually on a medication.  I was THAT anxious.  I just remember never wanting to leave home or be away from my mom. . .especially on stormy days.  I would fake a stomach ache so that my mom had to come and get me. . .although usually the storm had passed by then.  In kindergarten, I lied to my teacher and told her I made this construction paper black cat when I really didn’t.  I worried about that for the rest of the year. . .ya know, maybe she would have all of us bring them back and I wouldn’t have one.  It looked really hard to do and I didn’t want to do that center.  I finally confessed to my mom about my lie when I was probably in the 3rd grade.  It seems so silly now.  That anxiety was with me through most of my schooling, but I like to think I am better able to handle it now.  I mean, I’ve been through about the most stressful times that I can imagine and I’m still standing.  :) I don’t see much of that anxiety in Olivia (except at the eye doctor, maybe.)  She loves being in social settings and is usually pushing me out the door so that she can go play.  I think she will be a child who loves school and has many “good first days.”  Thankfully, we have 3 years before I have to worry think about that.  

Jodi in Flower Girl Dresscropped

Me as a child in a flower girl dress.


Can’t end the post without showing a picture of Olivia in her pretty dress. 

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