Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Izzy!


The first time Olivia and Izzy met. . .and Olivia cried!  Can you believe that, Izzy?


They are the best of friends today!  Izzy has really become someone that Olivia looks up to, laughs with, plays with and loves.  Growing up without her twin, I feel so blessed that she has Izzy to share her life’s adventures with. 


Happy 3rd Birthday, Izzy! We hope you have a great day tomorrow!   We love you!

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Kim said...

Happy birthday tomorrow Miss Izzy! Hope you'll let your mom and dad take some pictures of you with your AWESOME new present. Try not to peek too much and find it early! I've got a cute picture of you and Olivia sharing snacks at the zoo. One of these days I'll actually get it emailed to your mom. Can't wait to hear all about your Snow White party!