Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Olivia’s School

Well, I emailed Olivia’s teacher last night. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from her and we can set up an in person meeting. I have quite a few suggestions. For one, I’m not completely ruling out the fact that she may not be emotionally ready for school. She has 3 years until kindergarten. . .so, plenty of time to get ready. I think she can receive OT and PT without the classroom setting and we may look into that. That being said, I’m going to try to keep her in the classroom if at all possible. I know it is good for her. If Olivia was able to bring Gogum, Lily or have chocolate milk at school, I think she would feel more comfortable as those are her “comforts” at home. Expecting her to not bring anything isn’t taking into account the fact that developmentally she is only 2 1/2. I’m also hoping that I can observe one day so that I can learn her routine and we can talk about it at home. They expect me to drop her off outside, which makes her cry and sets the mood for the entire day. Why can’t I walk her into her room and stay for a few minutes? Then, gradually ease her into being dropped off? I really think they are willing to do something to help Olivia feel more comfortable, so hopefully we can find a solution. Thanks for all of your suggestions. . .it really gives me a lot to talk with them about.


Kim said...

Like I mentioned yesterday, talking to her teacher can bring a lot more insight to the situation. It sometimes is something very minor that's the problem. Hopefully you can get the meeting with the teacher in the classroom and you can bring Olivia along so that she can experience school without all the other distractions. You know how much harder it is for her when there are too many distractions. Some one on one with the teacher might make her feel more at ease as well. Don't let this get you down. You're doing a great job! There are MANY children who experience this each day. In fact there was a second grader down the hall from Katie last year who cried every day too. Once he got settled in, the year went better.

polly said...

What about play dates with some of the other children from her class. This may give her some additional familiar faces in the classroom instead of a bunch of kids she doesn't know.