Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Praise You In This Storm

Some days I am so angry at God for taking my son.  Did He not know how much I longed to be a mother?  Did He forget how hard we had tried to get pregnant?  How is that fair?  But, God did a very merciful and loving thing. . .he blessed me with twins.  For some reason, my son was not meant to stay here on earth, but Olivia would be here to help us cope with that.  We have been beyond blessed with the opportunity to raise her, love her, teach her, adore her.  She keeps a smile on my face and love in my heart.  I feel close to Logan just by being with my daughter.  She is our miracle and on days like today that is more apparent than ever.  I will forever miss my son. .. more than I can sometimes even bear, but I thank God every day for my daughter, my family, my friends.  And though I grieve, I will never forget the many blessings that I have. 

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Stace said...

I'm inspired by your outlook. I'm still so angry that my son isn't here, but I'm also so happy that his brother is. The pain is unbearable sometimes, but I know it's easier that we have Colby to help us get through.