Saturday, October 2, 2010


Wow, that’s one big picture of my cat.  (Not sure what happened.)  I was up literally all night with a sick cat.  She sounded like she was coughing up a lung. . .it was awful.  And, when she sleeps on your pillow and has a coughing episode every 10 minutes. . .it’s hard to sleep.  Plus, I was worried about her and anxiously awaiting the vet office to open.  When they did, I got her in and $280 later, I learned that she does indeed have asthma.  We had problems last year around Oct/Nov. . .so it will probably be an annual occurrence.   She had a steroid injection and we’re hoping to see improvement within 48 hours.  Poor thing is pretty traumatized by the vet visit. . .she’s a very anxious cat anyway.    I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight. :)

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Amanda said...

Oh my word. I know your sad about the cat sickness... But your opening sentence had me literally in tears laughing so hard. You said "wow. That's one big picture of my cat." I'm sorry, I'm laughing so hard just typing that. Lol. Cause on my phone it's huge! Hahaha. Wow. Ok. I'm ok now. Rodneys looking at me like I'm crazy I was laughing so hard. Dunno why it hit me so funny. Just how you said it. Lol. Anyways! That stinks... But at least it "curable" with medicine. I know u really love her :) I will write u a real email when I get on the computer. I'm on my phone now, and it's harder. Hope autumn sleeps better tonight! And you don't even know it, but u made my night with a simple sentence. Lol :) love ya!