Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010 - Update


Tobey and Olivia


These two are inseparable!  Tobey wants to be wherever she is and the unpredictability of a three year old doesn’t phase him in the least.  He’s definitely the social kitty.  Autumn doesn’t like Tobey any better today than she did yesterday, but has yet to cause him any harm.  We cleaned up the old guinea pig room (unfinished room in the basement) and that is where we keep Tobey at night and when we aren’t home.  He has food, water, litter box, cat trees, blankets, etc.  He doesn’t like it one bit, but I’m not comfortable leaving them together unsupervised.    Some day (when Autumn gives the green light) I’m sure they’ll both be sleeping on my pillow! :)

Thanks to everyone who has reassured me that Autumn is acting completely normal and that it will just take a little bit of time.  I have yet to hear of a cat who was introduced to a new kitten and didn’t act this way. 


Alicia said...

She will learn to at least tolerate him before too long, just let her know that she's still loved also! That is great that he loves Olivia so much, sign of a good cat that will put up with a 3 year old!

Mary said...

They are so cute together! Autumn, I think, has always been your kitty, Jodi. She just needs to know she isn't being replaced. I'm sure it will all be good soon! G-ma

Kim said...

Very cute! I'm glad that both you and Olivia have kitty buddies now. Can't wait to meet him. Maybe we'll slip over on Friday while the kids are out of school.