Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - Update


Today, I dropped Olivia off at school, went to Jazzercise, came home, showered and picked her up.  My day was going well until I heard that Olivia shed many tears today.  I don’t really know what that means. . .did she cry the entire time?  How many is “many?”  That really breaks my heart and makes this whole school thing harder.  She was so excited to go this morning too. . .

Autumn has decided that Tobey is okay and there is no more hissing in this house.  It only took 3 days. . .that wasn’t so bad.  I even caught them walking by each other and they rubbed heads.  Awwww.   They don’t yet love each other, but I feel comfortable leaving them unsupervised.  I worry, however, because Tobey demands attention from everyone he sees and that makes Autumn kinda shy away.  I still want to make sure she gets her fair share of attention.  Oh me and my cats. . . .kinda nice that there are no concussions or emergencies  to talk about this week. 


angie c said...

I really really wish brooke was not allergic to cats. It'd solve all the dog drama around here, we'd just get a cat. Even if MAtt hates them. The girls and I love them. But Brooke sneezes her head off. I have to drug her up before she goes to a friends' house that has a cat.

On the tears at preschool front... don't worry. It's harder on you than it is on her. Cryin never hurt anyone. I'm sure she has good moments and bad, and the bad will become fewer. You just have to remind yourself, that even with the tears, it's just one of the many things we will do for our kids that is for their greater good. "Why? I don't want to!"
"because it's good for you!"

Mary said...

I thought about Olivia a lot yesterday morning, wondering about school, but I pictured her so happy! I'm sure it will get better. Evidently something wasn't quite right. give her a kiss for me! G-ma