Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Update

As if I don’t feel bad enough about my appearance since having braces, my endocrinologist told me that I was much cuter without braces.  For one, how inappropriate and two. . .thanks a lot.  That made me feel tons better. . .I don’t even want to smile anymore.  Then, I left the endocrinologist with a blood glucose meter and I have to start testing daily which I’m not looking forward to.  What a week. . .and this is after we had golf ball to baseball sized hail last night.  This week was supposed to go better than last week. :( 

At least the rest of my family is doing well. . .Olivia, Ryan and the kitties.  Autumn has even started grooming Tobey.   Tobey is a sweet little thing, but is quite the handful.  He wakes us up every morning.  He licks Ryan’s face until he finally gets out of bed and then follows him around all morning.  Usually, at 6 am. . .Autumn leaves the room, sits on a chair and watches the sunrise or something. . .she never bothers us.  Tobey is constantly trying to steal our food (which Autumn did too) and he chews on stuff.  Autumn has never chewed on anything.  We’re enjoying our two kitties, though.  Snuggling up with a kitty sure helps at the end of a bad day.  :)


Can’t leave without a picture of Olivia. 


Kim said...

With all the shenanigans that are happening at your house, you're starting to sound like us! lol!! I've decided that the entire 2010 year needs to be restarted! Sorry to hear that your day was so crummy. Hopefully the rest of this week will be better. Guess it can't get much worse...right?

Mary said...


Anonymous said...

Nice doctor! My moms doc told her she looked like a beached whale. NICE! Just remember how stunning your smile will be in a few years. Stunner.
Julie in Evergreen