Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Olivia and Tobey


Tobey’s never too far away from his Olivia.


Tobey with Olivia’s “banklet.”

Olivia and her kitty, Tobey, are the best of friends.  Some days they do everything together.  One example is playing on the slide downstairs.  Olivia will go down the slide. . .then Tobey will climb up the stairs and sit at the top of the slide.  Olivia will give him a push and he’ll slide down. . .then Olivia will slide down and so it continues.  It is adorable.  I managed to catch it on video tonight, but I missed Tobey climbing up the stairs and he sort of jumped off instead of sliding down.  But, I’ll try to post it anyway.  As far as cats go, Tobey can be a real pain.  But, I see how much he means to Olivia and how good he is with her and he starts to rank up there with the best of the best.


Amanda said...

Just from talking with you here on my couch... I have to say... The, " as far as cats go, tobey can be a real pain" sentence cracked me up. Hahahaha. Of course Olivia has to like the crazy one better ;) makes for some fun stories tho ;)

Jodi said...

I know, Autumn is about as good as gold, but Olivia prefers the kitty who doesn't stay off tables, tries to steal your food, chases your feet when you walk, knocks over every cup he can find and has to get into everything. He's like a child. . .maybe that's why Olivia likes him so much. Autumn doesn't care much for their antics and would much rather cuddle up with me. Olivia adores Autumn too, but they interact in a totally different way.