Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, Olivia is sick now too, so we just hung around the house all day.  Daddy had to work and Olivia and I were looking for some new things to do.  I pulled out my old Nintendo DS to see if Olivia showed any interest in it at all.  To my surprise. . .she loved it. . .especially Mario Kart.  Sure, she just kinda bangs into walls and goes backwards, but she’ll learn.  She is Ryan’s child, after all.   Olivia has been walking around with it saying, “I’m playing a DS. Kaleb has a DS!”  Ryan got out Mario Kart for the Wii to see if she liked that.  She did,  but she was quickly back to her DS. 




I wonder if I’ll find myself living with 2 video game nuts.  Oh well. . .for now its good for her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.  And, it’s helped keep her mind off of her runny nose.


andreawilliams said...

fun! our boys LOVE mario cart!!

Erin said...

Sorry, random comment...I was looking at your family picture, and Ryan looks so much like Joel now!

Kim said...

Kaleb will be excited! Maybe they can DS download and play together. Janette gave us a Dora and a Diego game that she might enjoy playing. Mario Kart is a favorite around here too, although Kaleb's favortite games right now are Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon. I laughed the other day when Alex picked up his DSi and discovered that Kaleb had been playing his Pokemon game. He wasn't happy at first but then he discovered that Kaleb had caught two of the Pokemon that he'd been trying to get. Too funny! Kaleb likes to play Wii, but he's better at playing the same games on the DS. I'm just amazed at how well he plays for not even being 3! I guess I really shouldn't be knowing his love for all technology. He definitely takes after his uncle Ryan.