Thursday, November 10, 2011

Biscuit Donuts

My mom used to make these yummy donuts out of biscuits when I was younger.  Olivia really likes donuts, so I thought I’d give it a whirl for breakfast this morning.  Just heat about 1/2 inch vegetable oil on the stove.  Cut your biscuits into donuts (I used the vegetable oil cap to make the holes.)  Plop them into the oil for a few seconds on each side.  I burned the first few because I thought it would take at least a minute.  Nope, they cook very fast!

photo (31)

Then, have a paper towel covered plate ready along with a bowl of melted butter and cinnamon/sugar mix.  Dip each donut into the butter and coat with cinnamon/sugar.  I also wanted to make some powdered donut ones, but we were out of powdered sugar.  I guess Ryan used that all up when he made chicken* (only a few people will get that.) 

photo (32)

Olivia LOVED them.  In fact, she took the whole plate and didn’t even want to share.  (I snagged one while she was washing her hands and they are just as fantastic as I remember them!)  I’ll just sit here and eat my almonds and cheese sticks. . .the only breakfast that doesn’t spike my blood sugar.  She liked the donut holes the best, so next time I may just make them all into “baby donuts.”

photo (33)

Yum. . .yum!  You gotta try them!  My B12 vitamins are giving me crazy motivation.  Well, just motivation to cook and clean toilets, I guess. . .but, don’t worry. . .not at the same time!! 

While you have some biscuits, try this too!  Cut them into fourths, roll them in butter and then cinnamon/sugar.  Put them in a loaf pan and cook according to biscuit package. 

photo (31)

Delicious!  I remember my mom used to make these also and my brother and I would fight over them like crazy.  When I moved into my first apartment, I remember thinking. . .”I could make some and have them all to myself!”  Of course, now I have to share them again, but I shouldn’t eat them anyway.  If you make any of the recipes that I share, be sure to let me know what you think!

*When Ryan and I were dating, he was cooking me chicken at my apartment.  He rolled them in “flour” and tried frying them, but they kept burning.  He tried over and over again.  One day, he finally got them to cook and we sat down to eat them and they were sweet??!!  Come to find out, he had been coating them in powdered sugar instead of flour.  I remember rolling on the floor laughing so hard.  That’s how persistent my husband is though.  He can actually get chicken to cook in powdered sugar!


Kim said...

Hahahaha! Just about spit my coke out my nose when you mentioned the powdered sugar. I remember getting a call from him asking how to make fried chicken because his wasn't turning out. Never dreamed his problem was powdered sugar at the time. One of those moments he'll never live down. :-)

Jodi said...

And honestly, probably the hardest I have ever laughed in my entire life! It still makes me chuckle 10 years later!

Jamie said...

My mom used to make those same donuts and we loved them. We grew up in Missouri. Maybe it's a midwestern thing!