Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Olivia doesn’t ever want to do arts and crafts.  I have a really hard time getting her to try writing her letters or drawing or coloring, etc.  What is enjoyment to most kids seems like a chore to Olivia.  It reminds me of when we tried to get her to stack blocks and she hated it!  To most kids that comes naturally.  Many times Olivia has told me that it is really hard for her.  She struggles with the fine motor skills necessary to do a lot of these things.  We are still trying to figure out why it is a struggle for her. . .is it depth perception?  Hand strength?  We don’t really know.  But, I try and try to find activities that she might enjoy to help her progress in this area.  Two things that she does enjoy are cutting and painting.  So, we try to incorporate at least one of those into everything we do. 

Earlier this month, we made a pumpkin and she really enjoyed that.

photo (28)

I precut the pumpkin and the strips.

photo (29)

Then, she went to town with the scissors!

photo (30)

We glued the pieces on the pumpkin and. . .

photo (31)

I thought the finished product came out really cute.

photo (33)

Tonight, we got out the paint and made a fingerprint tree.  She enjoyed that, but would much rather have spent her time bouncing on Rody. She got Rody for Christmas last year and paid little attention to it until she found it in the storage room.  Now, she says Rody is her best friend.  She sleeps with him next to her bed, eats with him, bounces on him.  Or maybe Rody is a she?

photo (36)

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Julie said...

My kids hated writing their names, coloring and playing with blocks. Now the older two are both doing well. Last year Asher's preschool teacher told us to try legos to strengthen his fingers. I don't know if she would work with those or not. Also helped to improve his focus! They do have really cute girl sets out now...maybe she would do that if you told her she could build a house for her toys to live in!