Saturday, November 12, 2011

THE Cat Post

Since I NEVER talk about them, you might not know that I have three cats. LOL!  Oh,  I do talk about them? Well. . .I have an insane amount of pictures of my cats so I thought I’d group them all together in a cat post.  I have three of the best cats: Autumn, Tobey and Kelsey. 

photo (43)

As a child I had a dog, a fish, 2 hamsters, 2 bunnies and a bird, but never a cat.  Two years ago, I got my first cat and I have since adopted two more. 

First, there’s Autumn.  It took A LOT of convincing for Ryan to let me get a cat.  I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen.  Had Autumn not been such a perfect cat, I don’t think I would have convinced Ryan to let me have any more.  She is 100% MY cat, however.  She is very low energy, sleeps 20+ hours a day and lives for the moments when I cuddle with her.  You’ll rarely see Autumn when you visit our house because she runs and hides at the first sign of a visitor (or a vacuum cleaner.)   She would probably prefer to live in a house without children as they kinda frighten her.  She’s very good with Olivia, but runs away as soon as Olivia gets the least bit rambunctious.  She tolerates children and other cats, but she would probably prefer to spend the day with me to herself.

photo (32)

I can’t believe I just posted this picture of myself.  These are the moments that Autumn lives for!

photo (37)

Did I mention that Autumn is a back sleeper?  LOL.  I love that she doesn’t jump on tables or try to eat people food, but she is the worst about clawing the furniture.

Next, we have Tobey.  He is quite the ornery boy.  I call him my bubby and Olivia thinks that’s so funny.  He recently had/has diskospondylitis, which is sort of a bone infection pretty uncommon in cats.  He almost had to have his tail amputated this summer, but miraculously gained use of it again.  I have to give him steroid shots every month, but he’s doing great.  We have no idea how he got it as none of my cats go outdoors.  Tobey LOVES Olivia and she loves him right back.  They fight, however, like brother and sister.  I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear, “Mom!  Tobey is bothering me.”  The two of them fight over toys. . .seriously!   

photo (36)

For example, whose turn is it to ride on the tricycle?  Or, slide down the slide?  Regardless, Tobey is a perfect cat for Olivia and she has even started wanting him to sleep with her. 


Bless his heart, he even has tea parties with her and sits where she tells him to.  If only he didn’t nibble on my toes (I always have to wear socks) or tip over water glasses.  I used to leave a cup of water for Autumn on my nightstand.  Once Tobey came along I had to stop doing that because he knocks over any open container of water that he can find. 

Last but not least is Kelsey.  We adopted her in July and she is a total sweetheart!  She is our dare devil/acrobat!  She does things that the other cats haven’t even thought about trying.  I worry about her walking on the railing of the stairs because it’s a long ways down if she were to fall.  Kelsey and Olivia love each other! She is so good with Olivia and lets her carry her around the house.   She’s very much a kid’s cat like Tobey.  Tobey really took Kelsey under his wing and they are the best of friends.  Kelsey has even adopted some of Tobey’s mannerisms (and bad habits.)  Autumn appreciates it because now Tobey has Kelsey to play with and that leaves more time for her to sleep.

photo (41)

I probably have the most pictures of Kelsey because she is so cute when she sleeps.  I can’t resist.

photo (44)

photo (40)

Doesn’t she look like one of those stuffed cats you can buy that “breathes?” 

photo (38)

Most of the time, you’ll find Tobey and Kelsey sleeping together or playing together.  They are pretty much inseparable.  What a sweet heart she is. . .if only she didn’t feel the need to lick my face at 5 in the morning. 

photo (39)

photo (45)

So, that’s it. . .my cat post.  Did you make it all the way through?  Olivia has recently started asking for a puppy.  Um. . .don’t think that’s going to happen.  She may have to wait until she’s 30 something to get a dog like I had to wait to get a cat.  Cats are just so much more self-sufficient and our furry quota has definitely been met! I’d better wrap this up.  Olivia is napping and Autumn is awaiting her cuddle time. 


Kim said...

Alli is a back sleeper most of the time. She's always sunburning her tummy outside. :)

Kerry said...

Loved the Cat Post! As you know I just got my first cat and am loving him! I still love dogs, but there is definitely something special about the kitties.