Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

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Our Christmas decorating began today and Olivia was beyond excited.  She was giddy all day long.  Christmas is going to be so special this year for Olivia.  She is asking lots of questions about our nativities and we are doing an advent calendar that tells the Christmas story.  We have a total of three. . .count them three. . .Christmas trees in our house.  LOL!  We decided to let Olivia have one in her room this year.  It has pink lights and a pink star on top.  After we did it, we realized that we will probably never get it taken down.  So, don’t laugh if you come over in July and my daughter still has a tree in her room.  We also didn’t realize that she would steal all of the ornaments from the big tree to put on her tree.

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I love Christmas trees.  I love Christmas tree ornaments.  Here are a few that are really special to me and my family.

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Remember Olivia’s pony?  Her grandpa carved her a pony ornament a few years ago to remember the special bond she shared with it. 

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We received this special ornament to remember Logan by.  You can’t tell in the picture, but his footprints are about the size of fingerprints. 

photo (40)

We have another special one for Olivia with her tiny footprints as well.  What a cherished gift!

photo (33)

I’m a sucker for anything personalized.

photo (35)

Olivia’s special giraffe ornament for her first Christmas.  More special pictures of our Christmas trees to come!

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