Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One thing Olivia has struggled with is her fine motor skills.  While other 4 year olds are writing their letters and coloring and drawing pictures and signing their names, Olivia just refuses.  She will try to write her name, but when she gets to the v, she gets frustrated and will not continue.  Then, she just stops trying altogether.  Well, last night we had a breakthrough and Olivia discovered how to make a v!!  You should have seen how excited she was!! Then, she made a whole page of v’s!  Hopefully, we’re on our way to having Olivia sign the Christmas cards this year!  I was beyond proud.

photo (38)

photo (33)

Then, at grandma and grandpa’s house today, Olivia drew with her cousin, Izzy.  Izzy is her cousin and best friend who is exactly one week older than Olivia.  Izzy pushes Olivia to try new things which is very good for her.  Because Izzy plays soccer, Olivia wants to play soccer and has gotten really good at kicking a ball.  Izzy wanted to draw today and so that made Olivia want to draw as well.

photo (37)

And she drew a picture of her kitty, Kelsey.

photo (36)

Olivia is so blessed to have Izzy in her life.  Their friendship is really amazing to watch.

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