Monday, November 21, 2011

Never Before

by Jodi Glunt

Never before have I known such love

As that which I feel in my heart.

My beautiful daughter, although physically petite

Fills up an enormous part.


Never before have I seen such strength

From a person who weighed but a pound

And yet she’s a fighter through and through

With very little that gets her down.

photo (84)

Never before have I heard such laughter

With an energy and zest for life.

She consistently shows me the wonder and joy

While overlooking the pain and strife.


Never before have I felt such mercy

From a God who has allowed me to raise

This miraculous, amazing daughter of mine

On earth, throughout all of my days.


A micropreemie shattering every prediction

About the life she had in store.

Teaching us all about the miracles within us

That we never quite realized before.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Awww... How sweet, and true! She's a miracle. I love how you said, "so petite, yet fills up my heart.." she's a fighter! One pound. Just amazing!
I went to the community pregnancy center banquet thi weekend, and the speaker was an abortion survivor. Yes. I said that right. Not "had an abortion..".. But SURVIVED an abortion! It was a saline abortion 34 years ago. Her mom was 17.. They did it for 18 hours of saline and she "just wouldn't die"..she said. Long story short (that I very well intend to blog the entire story, bc it's amazing).. But, she ended up with cerebral palsy.. But that's it! No blindness or things that should have been extremely wrong! And she sings! Beautifully!! Her vocal cords should have been burned she said..
Anyways. Her point was... If not for her WILL to live from the very beginning she wouldnt be here today! She said she was a "difficult" child, and "strong-willed".. But, that thank God she was! Because it was that WILL that let her live! That WILL in her is why she's as amazing as she is today! I just cried and cried! Her name is Gianna Jesson.. If you wanted to look her up...
Talk to you soon!! Give Olivia a big hug from her Ohio friend. I'm sitting at my 1 hour glucose test and so I can catch up on stuff! ;) have a good day!