Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011




I think I’ve mentioned before how I went in to the doctor for some blood work a few weeks ago.  I’ve been suffering with horrible RLS for quite awhile now and I was being tested for deficiencies in magnesium, iron and B12.  All of my results were normal, except my B12 was on the low side of normal.  The range is about 200-1000 and mine was 425.  I’ve read that it’s  recommended, however, that people be treated for a deficiency if their levels are under 450. In Japan, the minimum number is 550.  If you are under that, you are considered deficient. 

Well, I went ahead and started on a B12 supplement.  I’ve been on B supplements before, but I think I was taking 10 mcg or something like that.  These are 2500 mcg and the liquid sublingual kind which are better absorbed.  The first few days I noticed nothing different.  Then, a week went by and I found I was better organizing myself and my time.  I actually felt like cleaning and cooking.  I didn’t find myself laying down at every opportunity.  I was still tired, but I had motivation.  For years I have been tired with NO motivation.  It took all I had to get through each day.  I concentrated all of my energy on Olivia with no time for cleaning, cooking, weeding the garden, hobbies, etc.  Honestly, the difference has been amazing!  I cook ALL the time.  I’ve put together a new cookbook of new recipes.  I’m writing poetry again.  I have everything on a schedule. . .cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping.  My family stopped eating out.  I sold some items in a consignment sale and made almost $70.  I’m updating the blog regularly.  I purchased a book called Organize Now and it takes you through 52 weeks of organizing yourself, your life and your home.  Now, I know my B12 wasn’t that low, but apparently it was too low for me.  I’ve seen an amazing difference.  Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes.  I feel “alive” again for the first time in many years. As an added benefit, I swear that my blood sugars have been lower too.   Unfortunately, the B12 does nothing for my RLS.  But, hopefully when I go to the neurologist they can sort it all out.

And Olivia is LOVING school again.  No tears when I dropped her off this afternoon.  Apparently, she’s an “afternoon” child.  This morning when she asked if she had school today, I told her that she did.  No tears.  Then, she asked if she had to go in the morning and I told her not until the afternoon.  “Is the afternoon in the morning?” she asked.  No, not until after lunch.  She was completely fine with that.  She really loves to play at home in the morning in her pajamas, watch some tv and take it easy.  She never likes to rush around and go somewhere in the morning. . .no matter where it is.  So, I’m completely thrilled with school and how well she’s doing. 

We’ve also been doing our skill sticks activities every day.  The other day, she had to do an activity with scissors.  She wanted to make a ghost.  I drew one and she cut it out and drew the face on it all by herself. Yeah, she doesn’t want to admit Halloween is over.  So proud of her ghost, though.

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Take a bar of Ivory (has to be Ivory) soap and put it in a pillow case and put it at the end of your bed right at your feet. I have heard that does amazing things for RLS.