Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No People Allowed

I'd better follow my last post up with something a bit more positive. Olivia, you see, doesn't like to play with dolls. For instance, she loves squinkies, but only the animal ones. We got her a dollhouse for her third birthday. She loves it, but has kicked out all of the people. You never know who is going to inhabit the house. Today? The big bad wolf is sleeping in the bed, squinkies are in the crib, and rabbit and cat (along with the family pets) are in the living room. Tiny, the dinosaur, is asleep in the kitchen. Oh the randomness of it all. Just a normal day in our house. LOL!

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Amanda said...


Amanda said...

The smiley face was a test run ;) sometimes I type a full comment and then it won't post. Of course when I do a smiley, it worked!
Wow! Where have I been?! There's like, 5 posts since I was on here just a couple days ago! :)
Please, never feel guilty about wanting to talk about and grieve for Logan. Unless someone has lost a child, there is no way anyone could understand. Even a miscarriage is different.. You had him for 31 touched him, took pictures of him, and eventually held him.. I can't imagine you would forget any of those feelings even after 4 years... He was your beautiful baby boy! (I'll email you more later in private) ;)
As for Olivia's house. She cracks me up. Lol. Too funny there are no people! Haha. She's great. Just love her! Have you seen/does she have, the little bear people? I think theyre bears.. Hmm.. Anyways.. They're animals.. Lol.. And they have an entire house and stuff ya know.. But they're animals ;) she'd like that I'm sure. Darn, that's gonna drive me crazy thinking what they're called..?? Grrr..
Hope all is well in Kansas! Ben is getting his eye the 22nd! I've been waiting and waiting to do a full blown blog about retinoblastoma. But I wanted an "end" picture. From lazy eye, to patch, to lens, to eye!.. I hope this is the "end" anyways.. That's our prayer!!
Love you all!
Tell Olivia we all said hi :)

Amanda said...

Calico critters!! It's aaaall kinds of animals. Here we only have them at a "specialty" store. Like, learning express! Good luck! :)

Jodi said...

Haha! Yes, she's getting some Calico Critters for Christmas. She LOVES them. Wish we had known that when we bought her dollhouse, but who knew she wouldn't like people? Haha!