Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fish Are Friends, Not Food

Olivia has been explaining this to our three cats tonight because we have a new little member of the family. . . .her new betta fish named Rooster! 

Yes, we decided to let her have a fish.  We went to the pet store and told her to pick out a fish that she liked.  She ran straight to a fantail goldfish who grows to be over 8” long!!  Woah. . .hold on a second.  That’s kind of frightening!  I kept directing her over to the betta fish and with a bit of persuasion, she decided on one of them.  Whew!  Ryan agreed to do all the cleaning and upkeep of the tank and Olivia and I only have to remember to feed him every day.  So, I could live with that.  It was actually a very fun evening spent as a family, picking out the fish and the gravel and his house and a plant for the tank.  Olivia is so very excited! 

I think the fish might actually might be a good thing.  She likes to sleep with some sort of light on and the fish tank makes a great night light.  She also gets lonely at night by herself and she’s looking forward to sleeping right beside Rooster.  We can’t put him in his new tank for 24 hours, so she was a little disappointed with that.  But, she is very proud of her new pet!! Welcome Home Rooster!

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Amanda said...

That. Is the best. I love it. Lol. And, when you sent me the text tonight about this... I read it real fast and thought "what!?! They got a rooster?!" ;) aww... So happy for Olivia to have it in her room :) let's not name the BABY an animal name..;) no baby rooster Glunt. Or chicken Glunt. Or turtle Glunt ;) Amanda Glunt. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the name Rooster. Very creative! Congrats on the new member of your family!

Brandi W.