Sunday, June 24, 2012

14 Weeks


Current size of baby: Lemon

How far along? 14 weeks

Total weight gain: 5 lbs

Inches Gained: 2 inches

Maternity clothes? A mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes.

Sleep: Good

How I'm feeling: Ravenously hungry and very fatigued. I was hoping the fatigue would go away in the 2nd trimester, but since I’m fatigued even when I’m NOT pregnant, I doubted it would. It has just gotten worse.

Best moment this week: Being incredibly spoiled by all those who chipped in to help out this week. We had multiple homemade dinners made for us (four, I believe.)

Movement: Can’t be certain. At certain times if I lay really really still, I feel a little flutter on my right side.

Food cravings: Nothing really in particular. Whatever seems to sound good at that moment.

Food aversions: Becoming less and less as my nausea improves. Although, the other night I had horrible nausea out of nowhere.

Gender: Unknown

Labor Signs: NO

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: Cooler weather. This pregnant gal can’t take the 100+ degree heat.

What I am looking forward to: My husband and I have our 9th wedding anniversary this week. For our gifts to one another, we are buying something for the baby. It seems very fitting.

Milestones: I made it through the cerclage with no complications!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know you from Adam and don't even live in the USA but I have been reading your blogforabout 4 years and am excited for your family right now! Good luck!