Thursday, June 28, 2012

RIP Rooster

Waking up to find that your daughter’s fish has died puts a damper on your day.  Poor Rooster.  Poor Olivia. 

When we went to Petco to purchase a fish, we relied on the pet store to show us what we needed.  I know all about hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, rats and cats. . .not fish.  We were directed to a Petco 2 gallon Hex Aquarium that includes a filter.  Now, when you buy a car, you don’t feel that it’s necessary to make sure the engine is compatible with the car.  It just comes with it!  So, we set it all up and waited 24 hours to make sure the water is brought to room temperature and the pH level of the water is where it should be.  We’ve done tons of research online and bought a betta fish book.  I take very seriously all living things that are in my care!  Last night, we put Rooster in his new home.  When we woke up this morning, I found Rooster up against the filter with his fins sucked into the slots on the side.   Bettas have an organ through which they obtain oxygen from the air. They don’t get enough oxygen through their gills, so they must be able to reach the surface of the water to get air.  So, Rooster probably drowned. 

After further investigation as to how it happened, we noticed that the filter (included with the 2 gallon tank) was a 55 gph filter.  It filtered 55 gallons of water per hour which is way too strong for a 2 gallon tank.  Contrary to what people say, I do believe that all fish tanks need a filter.  However, it must be one compatible to the size of the tank.  Poor thing didn’t stand a chance!  Now, why would they sell such a thing for a fish?  We WILL be going back to Petco and returning the tank for a full refund.  But, that doesn’t give my daughter back her Rooster.  Can you tell that I’m a bit upset about the whole thing?  What an awful feeling to know that you inadvertently killed your daughter’s fish.  RIP Rooster.


Jennifer said...

Aw :( Bettas don't need filters at all. We keep ours in a vase, change its water once per week and use "Bowl Buddies" tablets to purify the water. We feed it 5 pellets of food every other day, That's all you gotta do! I bet they just led you to a filter tank just so they could get good money :( other fish need filters usually, but not bettas.

Jennifer said...

woops, I didn't read the last paragraph thoroughly enough...sorry about my comment then!