Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mommy/Daughter Day

Olivia and I spent the day just the two of us and I gotta say. . .it was a fabulous day! We had lunch at Bartelli's Pizzeria and then headed to one of her favorite parks a few towns over. Shortly after we arrived, another little girl came and the two became fast friends. Her name was Lilly and she is going to kindergarten next year too ( although in a different town.) They both even had two stuffed animals with them. LOL! Olivia isn't shy, but she usually sticks pretty close by me. Not today! Those two were off on their own adventure! I talked a bit with Lilly's mom who also has a little boy about Abigail's age. We figured we should go see what the girls were up to and this is what we found!!

YouTube Video


And by that time we figured we'd just let them have fun! It was actually quite a milestone for us because I'd never seen Olivia get quite that dirty and enjoy it!! We then walked over to the parents' house of my best friends growing up! Surprise! Can we have a towel? Olivia also got a Popsicle and a water. Then, we trekked back over to the park and by this time, Olivia smelled pretty bad. So, we drove to Walmart nearby and bought some new pants and a towel to put over her carseat. She literally had mud everywhere!! Then, we had ice cream at McDonalds before coming home and taking showers. Whew! What a fun, fun day! It would have been more enjoyable had this not happened yesterday:

Yep, broke my pinky toe. I was getting Abigail's boogie wipes and caught my toe on her recliner. Yeeeouch! I was down for a few minutes and Olivia was like," What do I do?" Man, being a stay at home mom is some dangerous work! It seriously shoots pain up my foot and my leg. I even had to pick up some Tylenol at Walmart while I was out. I'm just hoping I don't bump it on anything again soon.
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