Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Lease On Life

About a month ago I started on these new all natural supplements. The results have been amazing!! Let's see. . .I'm not even sure where to begin.

I didn't personally start them for weight loss, although people have seen amazing results with that. However, without even trying, I now weigh less than I did in college. . .12 years ago! And, remember, with Abigail I gained over 40 lbs. I had to buy new capris and shorts today because I need 2 sizes smaller than I had. It was getting embarrassing to wear saggy pants. I think these supplements are awesome for helping you lose weight, especially if you carry your weight around your middle like me. That goes along with insulin resistance/diabetes. Speaking of that, I ate some cookies that I bought for Olivia today. I don't eat cookies that often because of my blood sugar and doing so makes me feel awful afterwards. But, I did tonight and dreaded my blood sugar results. Two hours later, I felt fine and my blood sugar was 108!! 108!

Okay, now on to energy. Those who have been on this journey with me for the past 5 years know that I struggle immensely with fatigue. Awful. I now have these amazing little all natural energy pills. I can't say enough good things about them. Usually I have to stay away from any kind of stimulant because they worsen my restless legs. Not this.

Speaking of my restless legs, I have struggled with them for over 3 years. They are very severe for me. I haven't slept in 3 years without taking a medication for my legs. I've tried many nights unsuccessfully. One time I went a week without any meds and I didn't sleep for a week and ended up in the ER. A few weeks ago, I slept my first night in 3 years without taking any medication for my legs. I cried the next morning. I've gone a few more nights without any restless legs meds, but not every night yet. One reason is that I have been taking cold medicine and it always worsens my legs. But, I am expecting great improvement in the weeks to come.

When starting this, I was just hoping for improvement with either my blood sugar, energy or restlessness and it has helped all three.

I know some people believe diet and exercise to be the only way to go, but sometimes you are so far into a hole that you need a little help getting out. This works with a healthy diet and exercise. I just needed something to help get me to a level playing field. As soon as my broken toe heals, I'm hoping to start some kind of exercise routine. And, of course, diet is so important. I'm exploring gluten free diets, low carb or possibly paleo or the Eat To Live program. The juice that I drink has 22 super fruits in it in one serving. You couldn't get that daily in your diet.

I know how frustrating it is to not feel good and to not know exactly why. I know what it's like to feel completely on your own to figure it out. I would love to help you. If you would like more information, please email me at Just envision how great you could feel a month from now!

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Brandi W. said...

Yay! I am a big believer in supplements and diet. Carson has mild Autism and we began the gluten/dairy free diet. He is now pointing and saying several words. His speech therapist was blown away. He is imitating more and is doing awesome in OT. Even his preschool teacher has noticed a change. Congrats on the restless legs being better. I only had them during pregnancy and they were HORRIBLE! I used to pace half the night. I will be emailing you late on today for more info!

Jodi said...

Brandi, the juice that I drink is supposed to do wonders for children with autism, ADHD, etc. I'm trying to get Olivia started on it.

Brandi W. said...

I will be emailing you in a few minutes to get the info! I must say that my Hubby calls Carson's diet "holistic hocus pocus". Today at preschool they accidently gave Carson regular French toast instead of the GFDF that I keep there for him. That child has hardly pointed or said a word since. Now my Husband sees that the diet does make a difference. He has been fussy and whiny all afternoon. I know that the diet does not work for all kids but we have seen a big change in Carson. Can't wait to hear about the juice!

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email for more info! Can't wait!

Stephanie (Stacey Wright's sister)