Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exploration Place

After spending some time out at the cemetery, the four of us went to lunch and then headed to Exploration Place. Abigail has gotten to the age where she'll ride in her stroller and you can take her more places. We had an absolutely fabulous day. It was opening day for the traveling dinosaur exhibit. Olivia loved it. I've taken her to Exploration Place a few times since she was a baby and each time she enjoys it more.

They were all animatronics, so they moved and roared. Once Olivia realized that they weren't really alive, she loved them.

Here is the castle part. Olivia loves this. There are stairs and ramps and rooms all throughout it. She shouted," This is the funnest fun I've ever had!!"

Then off to the flight section where we flew some planes.

Abigail was an angel the entire time. Hours of just smile after smile.

You can pick your exhibits, you can pick your nose, but you shouldn't pick your exhibit's nose. ;-)

Here's the beautiful city I've always called home.

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