Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For years I have wanted to start running. Years. And it has never happened. I never knew how to get started until I heard great things about the C25K program. Then there was the problem with time and kids. Abigail does not like to ride in her stroller and I can't run while lugging around a 19+ lb baby. I just don't have any time to myself. So tonight I decided that Olivia and I would do it together. Ryan puts Abigail to bed each night and we have about an hour and a half before Olivia goes to bed. So, I pulled the app up on my phone, laced up our sneakers and Olivia and I headed out the door.

She did awesome. It would be amazing to run my first 5K. Even more amazing to do it with my daughter.

We made it half way and she tired out on me. LOL! I ended up carrying her part of the way home. So, I got more of a workout than I planned on.

But, the two of us had a really great time!!

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Brandi W. said...

I have also been wanting to run. I jog every now and again. What kind of running shoes do you have? I have a double jogging stroller for the boys which gives me a good work out when I just walk with them. They are getting heavy!

Jodi said...

I just have an old pair of Nike's right now. I'm sure if I really start running, I will need a new pair. I don't even have a jogging stroller. Lol!