Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nine Month Checkup

Abigail is doing fantastic! There are just none of the concerns that I had with Olivia.

I'm still not used to the percentiles being over the 3rd. LOL! I learned Abigail is not anemic and has a big head. :-). She has started to pull up to her knees and drink from a straw. She also discovered that we have a snack cabinet.

And she spent a good 20 minutes determined to get into the brownie bites.

Now if people would just start calling her a girl! We were at the grocery store and a lady kept saying," He this and he that. . ." Then she said," He is a boy isn't he?" I almost said," Yes and we always keep him in a dress." Sheesh. Granted, she doesn't have much hair and looks like her daddy, but she is still too pretty to be a boy! LOL! But, the biggest giveaway is that she is in a dress!

Love my little Abigator.

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Alicia said...

I so understand the frustration of having a beautiful baby girl being called a boy all the time! I'm not a rude person, but I've actually gotten pretty rude with people when they've caught me on a bad day and called Kylie a girl. The most recent time was this past summer while in New York.....Kylie had on a skirt, lacy socks, pink shoes, purple jacket with hearts, and was in a Princess stroller. I told the lady HER name is Kylie. The lady insisted she had never heard that name for a BOY before. I was so mad and luckily my husband just pushed me away before I said anything. I've had Kylie dressed head to toe in pink and wearing a dress and bow and people would call her a boy. I called an old lady at Wal-Mart a "senile old bat" one time, Kylie was in a dress and a bow that day....not my proudest moment, but I had corrected her several times and she wasn't listening to me and I just lost it on her. I would go home in tears from people calling my baby girl a boy.