Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Every year my parents take a picture of me and my brother in front of the Christmas tree.

Still do.

One of Olivia's favorite gifts was her hex bug and cage (that went upside down.). She gets really attached to those things.

Sweet baby Ivy.

This present was almost as tall as Olivia!

All of the four granddaughters were together for the first time.

One of Abigail's favorites was her big pink polka dot chair. She loves to climb on it.

Santa visited us last night as well!

Abigail got a big stuffed Abigator!

Don't be fooled by Olivia's excitement. She still didn't get up any earlier than usual. LOL!

She got a Wii inflatable Mario Kart. You connect the remote to the steering wheel and drive in the game. She's a big Mario Kart fan!

But her favorite gift today was the carrier full of 5 stuffed kitties. She has taken them everywhere! Their names are Whitey, Gracie, Blacky, Calico and Brownie.

And Abigail's favorite was her Fur Real friends kitty. She has admired Olivia's for quite sometime.

Great aunt Mary got to meet Ivy for the first time today.

And Abigail is very interested in this real life baby!! It's weird to see that Abigail is not the little baby anymore. Look how big she is!

Big sister Izzy with Ivy.

Ivy Louise

My brother and his beautiful family.

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