Friday, December 27, 2013

Tobey Saga Continues

What started out as a routine post-surgery checkup ended up being an overnight stay at the vet's office followed by bad news. After his last surgery, Tobey's jaw was weakened to the point that it is now fractured. We have a consultation with a specialist in January. He will need major surgery and I just heard "plates" and "pins" and "bars." It's really not good. But at this point they are optimistic that he will recover. But, wow, will our finances? Seriously. Not sure of the cost yet, but I don't think it will be pretty.

So I picked him up around 4 pm today. He is not feeling the best. We have to be very cautious with him and take away all of the dry cat food in the house and all chances that his jaw would completely break. I have to purée all of their food so that his jaw is not having to be used. We bought some cat milk to mix in with the food in hopes to make it more appetizing. He has been losing a lot of weight. Really getting closer to setting up a Save Tobey fund. Good grief.

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