Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007 - Olivia

We had a good visit with Olivia today. Her 24 hour blood culture results were still negative. We think that she is improving and she may even be starting her feedings again as soon as tomorrow. There is still no sign of NEC and I’m so thankful. The best protection against NEC is breastmilk which is why I’ve continued to pump every 3-4 hours. Her oxygen requirements were about 24% while we were there and tonight she is on room air. She opened her eyes quite a bit today. I think she likes to look at mommy and daddy.

We went out to visit Logan’s grave this afternoon. We are picking out his marker on Tuesday. It was very difficult, but I know he’s not really there. He’s in heaven and as happy as can be. It’s still hard for those of us left behind. A parent should not have to visit a hospital and a cemetery just to be near her children. Logan will always be so very special to us. Please continue to pray for Olivia. . .she is an amazing little girl!!!

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