Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - Update

My sweet Olivia is doing good. She brings such joy to our lives. . .it’s unreal. They turned her vent settings down again. She is now 18/5 with a rate of 18 bpm and was on room air for much of the day. Olivia is getting so close to CPAP. I think the only thing that may hold her back is that CPAP can sometimes cause extra gas in a baby’s tummy. Because she had excessive air in her tummy before, I don’t know that they are in a huge hurry. Again, that is just my own speculation. She is probably going to start her feedings back up tomorrow. Please pray that the transition is smooth and that she tolerates it well.

I thought I would share a motto by which I try to live my life. When I was a child, I had a poster hanging in my room. It had a cute, furry lop-eared bunny on it which I’m sure is what held its appeal for me. As I got older, however, I noticed the words on the poster. It read:

What you are is God’s gift to you; What you become is your gift to God.

The first part has always helped me realize that God made me exactly the way I was meant to be. That was often hard for me to accept given the problems with my reproductive system. I’m sure that He had a plan though. I’m sure that Logan and Olivia were meant to be born at 23 weeks, although that’s something I’ll never understand. The second part relates to what we do with those gifts that God gives us. There have been many times where I have not been proud of who I was becoming. I’ve struggled with that as I try to figure out who God wants me to be. I know that He wants us to minister to other people. God also made me somewhat shy and unable to speak in front of large groups of people. . .so how can I minister? I guess this blog has allowed me to do so. I don’t know that I’ll ever have so many people’s attention again. I just hope that everyone asks themselves if God would be proud of who they are becoming. People ask me what they can do to help. Praying is always something that you can do and Olivia continues to need all of our prayers. Also, if you’ve ever wanted a closer relationship with God, *now* is always the best time. You may think that you don’t need God in your life if everything is going well. But, let me tell you, that can all change in an instant and we are unable to get by on our own ability. If all of us fostered a greater relationship with God because of my Logan and Olivia. . .that would mean the world to me. Please continue to make Logan’s life memorable. Please continue to pray for Olivia and help bring her home to her dad and me. We love her so very much.

I was so happy to read this update. I know I am not alone when I say Praise God! Olivia continues to fight each and every day for the very life that so many of us often take for granted. Ryan and Jodi ask us to allow Logan's life to be remembered. For his life to have meant something. I know that Logan meant so much to so many. And, each day, we all pray for Ryan, Jodi, and their precious Olivia.

Together we have been united in their plight. Together we bow our heads and pray for a little girl who wants and needs to be home with her mom and dad. Together we have grown in our walk with the Lord and together we have allowed our lives to mean something too. We all have the opportunity each day to allow God to work in our lives - we just have to let Him. Ryan and Jodi have allowed the Holy Spirit to move them and through Ryan and Jodi - we are all being moved.

I thank God for Ryan and Jodi. I am thankful for who they were and for who they've become. I am proud to call them friends. God reveals Himself to us each day and each day I see and hear God when I update this blog.

I pray God is working in your life - I know He is at work in the Glunt family.


Anonymous said...

You will never know how much this blog has changed my life. I look forward to reading it when Olivia turns 25. I will be 89 then, it's a goal because of her and your incredible testimony. Thank you! Mary and Ed

Don said...

I'm Jodi's father. For all the years of Jodi's life, I've always thought that the reason she is the wonderful person she because of the incredible parenting skills of her Mom and Dad.....but now I learn it was because of a simple bunny poster! Ha Ha! God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

I do agree with Stacie when I say I'm proud to know what Jodi and Ryan were... and what they have become. I do believe God reveals himself to us daily....and this blog is an incredible instrument that he uses....he's used it to help me during this whole ordeal.

I'm privileged to get the daily updates before they're posted by way of a phone call each night from Jodi. It is SO good to hear her voice each night with good news. I do look forward each day to reading the "official" update....but I really enjoy reading the comments from the caring people. Just keep'em comin'!! They inspire me...and I know they inspire Jodi and Ryan. They've got a long road ahead, and they need all the inspiration they can get....God DOES work in mysterious ways.

I also look forward to reading this blog when my precious granddaughter Olivia Paige turns 25. I'll only be 83, Ed!

I've often thanked God for my family over the years, but never as much as I have in these past many weeks. May he continue to bless Jodi, Ryan, and Olivia all the days of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is so blessed to have a loving Christian family. Hand-in-hand with extended Christian family, she also gains a loving Church family which most kids have when they're raised by a family that loves Jesus; but Olivia has the added bonus of having this connection of caring people who for one reason or another have gotten on this blog -- what an awesome army of prayer warriors!!

I'm hoping we get to see some more kangaroo pictures real soon...Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

I love all the comments about 25 years in the future. 2032 seems so far away, but if the first 33 years of my life are any indication, the time will pass so quickly. On one hand, God, though Olivia, has helped me see one day at a time. Now, because of Olivia (and Jodi and Stacie), I am also looking 25 years into the future! I pray that I will be a more mature, obediant Christian when I am 58. I am looking forward to Julia being 32 and Rebekah being 30. What an exciting thing to think about how God will be working in their lives. Olivia, I hope you get back on that good breastmilk today. I have to extend a compliment to Jodi for her perserverance in providing for Olivia. Many would have given up long ago on breastfeeding. I just wanted to give you my admiration. Several years ago I gave Jodi a little book I made entitled "Things I Admire About Jodi." After all of this, I believe I could add CHAPTERS to that book!

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Jodi I want to share with Olivia a poem that my grandma wrote for her children (my mother). My mother continued it on by placing this poem in my sisters and my babybook. Then, ofcourse we sisters placed them in our childrens babybooks and now they are in our grandchildrens books. I'd like to think that you will enjoy it, with our love, like we have. It goes like this:

Ain't got no teeth
Ain't got much hair
Can't walk, can't talk
It don't seem fair
But daddy say's he needs me
Mommy say's she'll feed me
Guess their gonna keep me
So I don't care

My prayers continue to go out to Olivia and to the emmediate and extended families.

Nancy Sample

Anonymous said...

Father, thank you for your watchcare over Olivia Paige. Your grace and mercy are overwhelming! I ask that you would continue to protect her from infection. Please heal her body, and help her to keep gaining weight. She is such a beautiful miracle and a testimony to Your love and faithfulness. I know she is precious in Your sight. Most of all, I pray that she would grow to claim Your grace and love as her own and that You would guide and direct her plans through the years ahead. Continue to strengthen Ryan and Jodi. Encourage their hearts and give them the rest they need to stay healthy and the wisdom they will need to raise Olivia. I know they are all three in Your care. I praise You for the God that You are!
In Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen.
Much Love,
Becky Riffee

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Jodi,
As I said yesterday, the first quarter will end next Thursday and I have been stressing over finals. My computer class will end and I will get a new class, Geography. (yeah, NOT!) But my mom said how will you check the blog when your classes change, because I check during my computer class, and I thought 'Oh No!!!' Because we don't have internet at home. But believe me, I will find a way!

My heart is always lightned when I hear that Olivia is in good health. I hope that she will be able to start her feeding soon too. Because I could never go this long without food!! Jodi I hope that you will get to hold your little treasure again. And the next time it happens, I want to see the pictures! It's nice to know that when you leave a comment you have a gorgeous picture in your mind, as you do it.

I think that it's great that you ask everyone to remember Logan, but you don't have to ask. Logan and Olivia have had such an impact on so many lives that, just as hard as it is to let go, it's also going to be hard to forget. (Which we won't)

McKenna told me this quote that she heard at school...
'When life is down, God is up to something.'
Love you all
Stay Strong,