Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007 - Update

Olivia continues to do better and better each day. She has just been rock solid and has now gone almost 2 days without a single apnea or bradycardia. She gained another 60 grams last night which puts her at 4 lbs 3 oz. Olivia is a very, very good baby. She hardly ever cries unless she has a real reason to and seems pretty content. The nurses have even commented on her wonderful disposition. Tonight she was a sleepyhead and didn’t even really open her eyes for mom and dad. So, as you can probably ascertain. . .she wanted nothing to do with trying to nurse tonight. She just wanted to snuggle up with her mommy and sleep. I’m so lucky to have such a snuggly baby. I can envision hours of cuddle time at home. They are fairly certain that she did have rickets of prematurity because her full skeletal x-ray showed signs consistent with that diagnosis. I have attached a link for those who wish to learn more about rickets. Her fracture on her femur is healing.

Tomorrow she has another eye exam. I hope she tolerates it better than she did last week. If her eye exam shows no change or if it has gotten better, she will most likely be transferred up to special care. They are getting crowded in the NICU and need to make room for other premature or sick babies. It was hard for us to walk out of the NICU tonight knowing that we may not go back there tomorrow. You have to understand that we’ve been there every day for 12 weeks. We’ve gotten to know the nurses and the RTs and nobody likes change. The NICU is also the only place where we got to spend time with Logan. I just hope those same nurses get to spend time up in special care with Olivia before she goes home. Her care will also be transferred over from her neonatologist to her pediatrician at that time.

Today, I went into the office where I previously worked. I had worked at American Family Insurance (Pamela Kirk Agency) for many years. I left on August 21st to go to the hospital for the first time and haven’t been back since. I finally picked up some of my stuff. I can’t believe all of the clients that still ask about me every day. I am not planning on going back to work anytime in the next year or so. My life is solely dedicated to my little girl and making sure she has everything she needs. If anyone needs a good insurance agent, however, give them a call. They will all take good care of you.

Please pray for Olivia and that her eye exam tomorrow goes well. Please pray that her transition to special care is smooth and that she continues to show the world what a 23-weeker can do!!


Casey's trio said...

Olivia will be in my thoughts tomorrow as she has another eye exam. It was always pretty traumatic for me having to watch my girls go through the examination and they were always completely exhausted afterwards. I think it was their way of coping with it all...just wanted to sleep it off. I can also understand your nervousness about moving out of the NICU and into the Special Care nursery and the attachment that you have developed for the hospital staff. It truly takes very special people to work in the NICU and it can be bittersweet when it is time to move on because of the relationships you have developed. So happy to read that Olivia seems to be soaring on the nasal cannula!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember the fear moving up to Special Care! Kellie's move was unexpected. Her primary RN would sneak upstairs and feed her...I "caught" her one time and we had to fight over her!

It doesn't seem real that her "graduation" day is so near!

Julie Crooks