Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007 - Update

Olivia continues to shine day after day. I can’t help but think that the NICU will be a little different place without Olivia there. Olivia even got a card and a Thanksgiving book from one of her favorite nurses. What a wonderful surprise! She enjoyed being read her new book tonight. Her move up to Special Care is getting closer and as this chapter of her life comes to a close, I can’t help but be a little sad. How weird is that? The place that I wish she never had to go to, that was so hard to visit. . . .is now a place that I’m going to miss. That’s an emotion that I didn’t see coming. , I’m so thankful because her move out of the NICU means that she is progressing wonderfully. It means that she’s one step closer to coming home. Sometimes I can almost hear Logan cheering her on.

We tried breastfeeding again tonight and she did wonderfully. She really seems to know what she’s doing! I still can’t imagine her taking her whole feeding that way, let alone a whole day’s worth, but I’m sure that will come. What a bonding experience with my precious daughter! I still feel a little bad that I’ve taken her away from her daddy time, though. Olivia has managed to go ALL DAY without a single apnea or bradycardia. She hasn’t even been dropping her saturations like she always used to do. Olivia seems to think that she needs just the tiny bit of oxygen that she’s getting. I can’t imagine that the oxygen is helping her out too much. My dad made the comment tonight that when he was teaching my brother to ride his bike, he would hold on to the seat. My brother kept asking, “Do you have a hold of me?” Most of the time my dad didn’t, but my brother needed that reassurance. I guess Olivia needs that reassurance as well. My day would have been a great one for the record books if it wasn’t for another incident that happened earlier. After church we went out to visit Logan’s grave. If you remember, I had gotten him a pumpkin and a scarecrow. His marker hasn’t come in yet so there was nothing else to mark his grave. When we went out there, everything was gone. Somebody took the stuff off of his grave. It’s not like a pumpkin can just blow away and someone had to have pulled the scarecrow out of the ground. Who would do something like that? We were told that the groundskeepers wouldn’t take anything from the Babyland section. I wanted it to be nice for him and now he has nothing out there . . .not even a marker (it should be in any day, though.) That was very hard for me this afternoon and I’m hoping that I’m able to find something tomorrow to put out there.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Olivia!!! You continue to amaze me everyday! I think about you all the time! You're such an inspiration to me and many others! I got to talk to your mom and dad yesterday and they were so proud of you, and so pleased with your progress. You are the most amazing little girl I've seen! I've been doing some 'Livi Homework' and I have found out that a giraffe has a 22 pound heart. The way you fight, the way you put a smile on everyone's faces, the joy you bring into everyone's lives; It seems as though you have an 100 pound heart.
You continue to make each day of mine a great one. I love checking up on you. You and your mommy and daddy are definately the highlight of my days.

I Love You So Much!

Keep fighting! You're always a winner in my eyes.

Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that Shea said a giraffe has a 22 lb heart. . again with the number 22. . I just can't escape it. Yes, I'm commenting on my own blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's your blog. You can do whatever you want! So glad to hear how great Olivia is doing. She sure is something isn't she? Talk to you soon and hope to see you on the 28th!


P.S. If I don't remember later, have a great Olivia's First Thanksgiving! You all have much to be thankful for that's for sure!

Cora said...

Have you worked with a lactation consultant to help you with breast feeding yet? I used one with my daughter (born at 23w4d), and she was great! Most micropreemies have such little mouths that they need us to use a nipple shield (it's a very flexible piece of silicone that you put over your nipple that makes it easier for the baby to draw the nipple into their mouth.) I had to use one with my daughter until she was almost term. I'm so glad that Olivia continues to do so very well!