Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007 - Update

Well, I thought everyone would like to see the next Christmas picture of a sweet 6 lb baby! Yep, we had another pediatrician appt this morning and Olivia was 6 lbs on the dot. What a big girl! Thanks to great aunt Sherri for her adorable hat and blanket. She also rolled over today! How many babies do you know that roll over before their due date? Of course, it had to be while daddy was changing her and I missed it. We don’t think it was an intentional thing, but she did it nonetheless. She rolled from her back onto her side and then took it the rest of the way onto her stomach. That tummy time is really paying off!

Things are really crazy around here as we try to get everything wrapped and ready for Christmas (and I try to manage a nap every now and then.) Olivia decided that she didn’t want to go to sleep last night unless she was laying on mommy. You’d never seen a baby in such a deep sleep! It broke my heart to wake her up to feed her. Ryan and I are going to try to feed her every 4 hours during the night to see how she does. Hopefully, we’ll still be able to get enough calories in her. I hope all of you are more prepared for Christmas than we are! I’m just glad that we have our precious baby home!


Anonymous said...

She's really looking good. She is a beautiful baby but then you already know that. It's great that she's home and you all are doing well. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Nancy Sample

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is growing up so fast!!! Hopefully she will be able to maintain her calorie intake as you switch to a 4hr. gap. (She can pull it off!)
Congratulations! Way to turn! Keep up the great work!
I Believe in you, and always have!

I won't be able to check up as often as I would like, because of Christmas Break, so I hope to see everyone in church! I pray that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!
Love you all!!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I don't think you have to worry about getting ready for Christmas. It's all about the baby. You'll be ready when the day comes! My husband and I have been loving the pictures!
Susan-Nurse Holli Taylor's Mom

Anonymous said...

Has Harley found a home? What a great dog....

Sammie said...

She's beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by our site! You guys have a Merry Christmas and great New Year!