Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - Update

Sorry that I’m getting the update sent so late tonight. . .well, this morning since it’s past midnight. I fed Olivia her bottle at 10:00 pm and she just now decided it was time to go to sleep. Well, Olivia has pretty much figured out how to hold her own pacifier in, which makes life a little easier for us all. Earlier today, the adhesive patches on her face had come off. We thought it was her way of telling us that she was ready for Uncle Joel to come over and take her Christmas pictures. We should have put wings on her because she was a little angel during her photo shoot. What amazing pictures!! I couldn’t decide whether to wait and post them on Christmas or to post them now. There are so many wonderful pictures, I decided to post one every day until Christmas (or until I run out of pictures.) I couldn’t decide which order to post them either, so I’m just going to post them from beginning to end. Thank you, Joel, for the wonderful pictures. I will treasure them always. Thank you to Grandma Glunt for Olivia’s beautiful Christmas dress. Isn’t she an absolutely beautiful baby?


Anonymous said...

Aww so cute! I almost had Olivia withdrawal today since there was no update yesterday!!! That's alright though. Thanks for the Christmas picture. I look forward to seeing many more!


Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow, wow. What a beautiful picture. Olivia you are soooo cute.