Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - Update

I decided to let Ryan get a full night of sleep last night. It was an act of generosity that I regretted in the morning. . .well, no not really. My mom came over and rocked with her while I slept. It was wonderful. . .I actually even dreamed! She’s still doing well. Sometimes after her feedings, she starts crying inconsolably. The only thing that makes her stop is if I stand up, holding her upright and bounce with her. Of course, mommy can only do that for so long. Any idea if it’s gas or reflux or something else entirely? She’s here with me for the first time while I write this update. I hauled her in her bouncy seat with her monitor and oxygen into the office with me. She’s a very happy baby right now. Enjoy some more Christmas pictures courtesy of her Uncle Joel.


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her Christmas dress that we will have to photo shop her picture into the photo of her cousins when they get their Christmas clothes that match.

abby said...

I love the picture!

Anyway, my guess is reflux...Olivia's pattern is way familiar to us. Our advice: push them to intervene sooner rather than later so that you might avoid some of the eating issues that we (and too many other preemie parents) have ended up having. You can try thickening Olivia's feeds a bit (either simply thick, or mixing her breastmilk with Enfamil AR), you can also ask her pediatrician about trialing her on zantac (the flavor of this stuff is yucky, though) or a PPI (much more effective, but make sure that you get precise timing instructions about administration and please note that the compounded version is VERY unstable---we wish we had known about both problems but no one told us, not even the GIs! You can also try something low tech like mylanta (cherry flavor is ok) and keeping the head of Olivia's crib elevated. Anyway, feel free to contact us if you want any more acquired reflux wisdom!

Meanwhile, have a lovely holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! We are so thrilled that Olivia is home to celebrate it with you!

Anonymous said...

Jodi, This could be gas or reflux like the previous poster said. I have never had a preemie before, but all my children when they were babies did this as well. Babies have an uncanny ability to know whether you are sitting or standing and they sometimes prefer standing. I would stand up and bounce like you and when they were calm, I would slowly sit down to rock again, but then the baby would start to scream until I stood up again. Many moms have told me they have gone through this as well. I hope this is all Olivia's issue is and not something you have to worry about. Hey, just think, with all that bouncing, you are strengthing your quads. :) Just kidding. Olivia is very beautiful in her Christmas dress. And it was wonderful of your mom to be with Olivia so you could get some sleep. You are doing a fantastic job.

Amy Housman said...

I agree with the post from Denise. My two kids always knew if I was standing or sitting, and they loved it when I stood and would immediately cry if I sat down. It's just a baby thing!

I love Olivia's Christmas dress. I assume Mary made it and from the comment from Kim, I assume she's making the same for Kim and Joel's kids. How adorable! I'm so glad Olivia's doing so well!

Hagen and Mason said...

Olivia is beautiful in her Christmas dress! I had twins born at 25 weeks. One of my sons had bad reflux. We got a reflux wedge, he loved it and slept in it until he was about 7 months old. It also helped tremendously with his sleeping! You can find my email address on my blog. I am also on the Preemie Moms Blog site... feel free to contact me and I can tell you more about the wedge. Good luck!

Shannon said...

Awwww she looks SO cute in her Christmas dress!!!

Definitely sounds like reflux to me. I would look into getting the tucker sling to help with her reflux at night. I have heard nothing but amazing things about it!!!

Drew's Mom said...

Your daughter is absolutley beautiful. I've been reading about little Olivia for months now. I'm so happy that she will spend her first Christmas at home. Happy Holidays to you all.