Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 - Update

So, Olivia continues to take all of her bottles. We were instructed to bring her car seat tonight for her car seat test. She could go to family care as early as tomorrow!!! She could be home by this weekend!! Ryan and I are kind of freaking out. I’m not going to go up to the hospital until tonight, unfortunately, because I have a million and one things to do. I am pretty much in crazy mode right now. .wish me luck!!!


Anonymous said...

All we can say is... Praise the Lord!! We are SO happy for you! It gets so hectic now, but this is the greatest crazy you can have in your life!! Congratulations!

Miracles said...

Good luck to all three of you!! I hope everything goes as planned and you can bring your sweet little angel home this weekend.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY! If you need any of "your girls" to do anything, don't hesitate to call! Even something small. I'm so excited for you!


Cora said...

Yeah Olivia! I'm so excited to hear that she will be home soon. Sleep now while you can....that first night you will be too excited and nervous to sleep!

We're big fans of the Dr. Brown bottle/nipple system too, but boy have I learned to hate washing all of those extra parts!

Morales Family said...

I am so glad the Dr. Brown bottles seem to be doing the trick. We used those with our son. There are a lot of parts to clean though, which gets a little tedious. Here's a tip... Medela makes sanitizer bags where you nuke the bottle/pump parts in your microwave. It really saves time and makes the process go a lot faster.

We are so happy for you guys! What a special Christmas! Don't worry, we'll still be prayin'!

Anonymous said...


My name is Kendra and I have been following your blog daily since my friend Lucy asked our Mommy's Bible Study to pray for you and your family. I just wanted to tell you after reading your blog today Congrats and it is ok to be nervous to bring Olivia home. You will be great. I, too, had twins in the NICU (nearly 3 years ago) and your blog today brought back that rush of emotions (excitement, fear, anticipation) like it was happening to me all over again. Anyway, I just wanted to offer you support and let you know that no matter what, Olivia will thrive at home because she has a loving family to come home to.

Sarah said...

How exciting! The crazy days of cleaning and getting the house ready and rooming in and not getting any sleep :) When Emery came home I held him for every single one of his naps. I got nothing done for a few days lol! You will both be great. Just remember, when you get nervous, they wouldn't send her home if she wasn't ready! I will keep your family in my prayers that all goes well and she comes home very soon!